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Every project is unique and comes with new challenges.

That's why at Archetypely we customise our approach and resources to suit the individual Client’s requirements.

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We fully manage the project delivery from the feasibility studies and initial concept design, through its development and construction stages supporting the Client at all times by acting as the Client’s Agent. This encompasses liaising with the Client’s representatives and looking after their interest during the entire construction process as if we were part of the 

Client’s in-house team as well as liaising with all external stakeholders including landlords, statutory undertakers and the Project Team for the successful delivery of the construction project.


We can provide structure and direction to Client's internal teams by developing operating plans and related operational processes for the successful delivery of the project in alignment with the broader business objectives. We can also provide technical and professional advice,

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assist with Client's brief generation, draft shell specification requirements, initial budgets and generate programmes.

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We can provide technical and professional advice to feasibility studies, buildability and design as well as validate the project concept design with the Client’s team, generate construction programmes and cost plans, manage changes and advise on risks. 

Archetypely works with a team of experts ready to provide support and advice for any questions or special requests you may have.


We partner with the most talented and creative Interior Designers to develop the overall concept, look and feel as well as technical specifications for your project. We take the project from the initial brief and manage all RIBA stages, including submissions of Landlord’s Packages where necessary.

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Through effective project management we control and deliver construction projects to cost and on programme, minimising risks whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and maximising investment returns. We act as the Client’s representative, we select, appoint and 

brief consultants, while coordinating all elements of detailed design and procurement, including programming, costing and value engineering while working with Client's internal Project Managers as well as ordering and managing direct FF&E packages and suppliers when necessary.
We manage the performance and development of the Project Team ensuring the required skills sets are in place and ensuring the Project Team is adequately resourced to perform. We implement improvement measures to contribute to the performance of the team and delivery of the project. Project management is at the heart of the core services provided by our integrated project and program management consultancy.


We control and manage the budget at all stages of the project. Our cost management services include initial budgeting, cost planning, cost control, tender documentation, risk and value management. We incorporate change management procedures into the project procurement to allow full cost control and to enable the Client to make informed decisions.

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We develop an effective procurement strategy that will successfully deliver the Client’s aspirations, while the resulting contract terms and conditions will ensure confidence and certainty. Our team determines priorities and rationalises the elements of time, cost and quality in relation to the Client’s priorities, project conditions, information and resources available.

Archetypely implements and manages the tendering and contractual needs of projects, while advising on maximising commercial interests. We can procure all direct FF&E packages on behalf of the Client.


We are fully equipped to administer contracts and appoint all third parties including designers, consultants and all trade contractors, facilitating the contractual and financial relationship between the Client and the appointed parties. We lead the delivery phase of construction by solving any day-to-day construction issues.

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We can provide a service to programme the works and coordinate the design team and construction activities on site in support of the Client’s team. We will be effectively managing the link between design, construction and financial results, we are able to tailor strategic

directions to address financial challenges while proposing opportunities for change.
We would manage all Client’s direct packages during the fit-out, from tenders selection and interviews through negotiations, appointments and construction while coordinating with the Main Contractor and closely monitoring the main building works, achieving savings without compromising on the quality.
We can also deliver the projects via Construction Management route having the Client to assume the role of the 'Main Contractor'. We will fully support the Client and our team will fully manage the process which will give the Client great control in terms of time/cost and quality by directly controlling the trade contractors.


Archetypely will coordinate final walk-thru inspections and handovers, will manage post construction reviews, de-snagging and retention release processes, and will organise lessons learnt meetings with all project stakeholders after the project completion. We will also look

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after management of defects liability period inspections and making good of defects as well as facilitating the final retention release.

We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we are ready to smoothly adapt our services to ensure the success of your project.

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